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Who we are

Who we are

A charity cannot exist without people. Acquaint yourself with the volunteers, representatives of 4 continents, of Les Racines de Rabao.

Gisèle Doh (Chairperson)
I believe that knowledge and education are necessary for a better future. Knowledge offers us freedom to choose and broaden our horizons. Hence, I have established Rabao and chosen an active role in spreading knowledge and supporting education.

Michelle Biemans-Moore (Vice-chairperson)
My reason for joining Rabao is very simple. After my first sit down with Gisele about this charity her passion, dream and idea drew me in. I have always been passionate about education and knowledge sharing. I know the difference that this can make in the life of each individual and the life of a community. I hope that I can use my project experience to be able to support Rabao in realizing each goal.

Shane McAndrew (Communications)
In The Netherlands and many other developed countries, children are fortunate to have access to good education. This is important for nearly every aspect of our lives. Through education, we can improve our health, security, employment opportunities and above all we can better understand other people's point of view. I would like to help disadvantaged people and I believe education is the key to realize this.

Mabel Olegario 
The mission and vision of Rabao are in line with my current and future dreams and aspirations. Although I am not teaching any more I still consider myself an educator.  I have always believed that knowledge and education play an essential role in making this world a better place. With knowledge comes responsibilty not only for one's self but also for the welfare of humanity and the environment. As a member of Rabao, I hope to be able to fulfill that dream in any way I can.

Francesca Ramada (Treasurer )

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” For me making education and information accessible to all is a true fulfillment of this proverb. Being an active member of Rabao allows me the chance to realize this. I have the opportunity to expand my own knowledge while supporting activities to create and expand the knowledge of others.


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